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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Davin L. Kent's Bio

I write fiction with rainbow colors, focusing on M/M Romance and LGBT-themed literary fiction. After (too many) years of writing for business and education, I successfully rose to the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. Now, with almost a half million words on disk, I think I'm ready to release a few chapters to the public. This is the place where most romance authors tell you about their supportive spouse, crazy children and counter-productive cats. Well, I have none of these: I'm gay-divorced with no kids and my only pooch died of cancer -- all of which are in my stories somewhere. I do live a the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada might have, otherwise, made you want to be me.


I swear my three-volume soap-opera novel is not autobiographical but rather the confessional memoir of a boy embarrassed by riches.  The first book is the journey of a handsome, talented high school loner, David, who breaks away from his trailer-trash roots to grow up and come out in the 1990s. The second installment follows David to college, where he becomes a super model with Olympic athlete dreams and the most sought after boy-toy slash porn star in Hollywood. Until he isn’t. The third book finds David twenty years later, a successful screen writer with a past that comes back to haunt him. 

Another series of mystery/thriller stories is about a religious order which, on the surface, runs orphanages and schools for special children. However, a secret arm of the order serves as undercover enforcers of justice inside the Church -- from secretly dealing with 15th Century indulgences of the 15th Century to curtailing sex-abuser priests. The order recruits its agents from their high-tech Collegium for Gifted Boys, nestled in a mountain valley high in Swiss Alps. Of course, the Church disavows all knowledge of what the order gets up to, because the boys know where all the bones are buried.

Watch for more about “Confessions”, the "Secret order of St. Lazarus" and other projects I'm working on.

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