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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Welcome to D.L. Kent's Page in the Cyberverse
Posted on 12/18/2016 10:17:00 PM (yes, this is the latest post...)
Welcome to D.L. Kents Page in the Cyberverse


I've been writing for years, working on that Great Gaymerican Novel, peacefully tucked away in a corner of Starbucks or some restaurant typing into my beautiful little computer. Then I go and get one little story published in an anthology and I suddenly have all this work to do:

But I am super glad you are here to visit, even if there isn't much to see, yet. Keep checking back, 'cause I'm going to be doing all that stuff like giving away free stuff, getting you to join my mailing list, and offering incentives for you to leave reviews for me all over the place. Oh, since all this is new to me - why don't you leave me a question or topic to blog about on the GUESTBOOK page?

You can read more about the anthology, read a sample of my story and learn about my writing group by visiting www.PlacerGoldWriters.org or on our Facebook page: Placer Gold Writers Ink

Thanks again for looking me up.


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